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Well Advised Worksite Wellness Services
Offering a comprehensive approach to improving health and well being

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Good health is good business. Wellness programs: 

·         provide an increased level of health awareness

·         encourage employees to make wise healthcare decisions

·         improve productivity, morale and well-being

·         control healthcare costs

·         reduce turnover, absenteeism and workers compensation claims

·         add value to employee compensation packages.


Why Well Advised?

Well Advised offers a variety of services that can be tailored to fit your exact needs, whether you’re a large corporation or a small business. From complete packaged programs to a comprehensive “a la carte” menu of services, our wellness professionals will work with you to select the best options based upon your company’s goals and strategic plans.



Our comprehensive menu of worksite wellness services includes:


Health Coaching - Our team of certified health coaches and other healthcare professionals works one-on-one with individuals to target and review their health risks. This personal education helps motivate employees to develop an achievable plan of action for better health.


Strategic Planning - Our wellness team provides direct consultation to plan effective wellness strategies, promotional materials, goals and incentives, campaigns, etc. 


Health Risk Assessments (HRA)- Participants answer a set of questions to evaluate health risks. They receive individual health reports with suggestions for improved health. Employers receive an aggregate report that shows overall group results and risk factors.


Wellness Web Site - An interactive website offering a variety of activities, information, healthy living challenges, self-guided seminars, wellness and nutrition library, recipes and a lot more.


Employee Assistance Program - Professional counseling, training, and on-site crisis response services are available to address the complex personal needs of employees and emerging professional needs of your workplace.


Health Education & Promotion Programs - Our experienced facilitators come to your facility to create a fun, interactive learning experience. A wide variety of health and wellness topics are available.


Group & Individual Challenge Programs -  We offer a variety of challenge programs and formats. A few popular programs include nutrition, weight management, stress management, walking challenges and much more. 


Clinical & Biometric Screenings - Alerting individuals to health concerns helps to motivate them to improve their health status. We offer a wide array of screenings to help identify potential health risks.  Popular screenings include cholesterol, glucose (blood sugar), blood pressure, height and weight.





Why should you implement a comprehensive wellness program in your company? By several measures, health care spending continues to rise at the fastest rate in our history.  Annual health care spending in the U.S. has been increasing two to five times the rate of inflation since 2000.  As the primary providers of health insurance coverage, employers carry the financial burden associated with higher medical costs.


Did you know?
  • Repeated studies support the relationship between modifiable risk factors and resulting injury or death, suggesting that 75% of all illness and premature death in the U.S. could be avoided or made less severe through prevention efforts.
  • More than 71% of employers consider wellness programs a “significant” strategy in controlling costs over the next five years.
  • Workers who report high levels of stress generate healthcare costs 46% higher than other employees; an average of $600 more per person.
  • Each employee who habitually smokes costs the average company an extra $3,856 per year over nonsmoking employees.
  • Two-thirds (66%) of U.S. adults are either overweight or obese, according to a 2004 national health survey.



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